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Welcome to Prithas!

We are an online store for exclusive Handloom and Hand crafted sarees sourced directly from weavers at different regions of India.

“Unity in Diversity” is one phrase that completely defines India. Just like the country itself, Indian Saree is also a symbol of unity in diversity. Each state in India has its unique design of sarees defined by its history and culture.

Our sarees are crafted by expert artisans. The design and motifs reflect the rich cultural heritage and history of the region. Most of the weaving and decorating methods of our sarees are age old and are passed down the generations, evolving with time to suite the present taste and requirements.

Prithas offers a large selection of sarees with variety in the use of fabric, design, motif, color and texture. Most of our sarees are weaved painstakingly in handloom. In some of the sarees like Kantha Stitch sarees, kalamkari saress etc. machine made fabric is used. But the decoration of these sarees like embroidery or painting or block printing is done manually by hand. So to treat yourself with an exclusive hand made saree browse our collection of unique sarees. We hand-pick our sarees directly from the weavers. So you can be rest assured about the quality and the price of the sarees.

Prithas had a humble begining in the summer of 2016 in the living room of its founder. We fulfilled our first online order in June, 2016 from a great lady in Bahrain. Since then we have served hundreds of customers. Now we are located in a rented warehouse cum outlet in Indore, India.